Guided Buying and Free text requests automated by generative AI

Guided Buying
‍a Free text requests automated by Generative AI

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askLio has processed billions of data points to become the best procurement assistant in the world. The AI works around the clock to help you automate the daily business of procurement so your team can focus on the strategic decisions.
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2,274 procurement experts have spoken to us
Success stories
"askLio gives our procurement software the intelligence it needs to take employees by the hand and either guide them to negotiated conditions or automatically convert their free text requests into orders. This relieves the burden on purchasers so that they can focus on value-adding activities in which askLio also supports them by analysing offers, contracts and procurement markets. Only in this way will we as a procurement department be able to meet the challenges of constantly increasing complexity and demographic change.
Lasse Fehl
Director Global Procurement and Services
Official partners
askLio is officially supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Microsoft and Microsoft Azure. As an official Microsoft partner, our software is securely integrated into the Microsoft architecture and therefore also your systems.
Current challenges

Frustration of requestors & buyers

Ordering products, tools and services is very difficult, tedious & non-transparent for employees. Due to a lack of guidance and intuition, the process is not accepted or understood. This leads to high operational costs in procurement, leaving too little time for value-adding activities.
Frustration of requestors during the procurement process
High number of questions to the procurement department
Purchasing via non-preferred suppliers and framework agreements
Many free text requests for which a different procurement channel, e.g. catalogue, is intended
High operational effort for free text requests
Many queries to users with free text requests
Too many free text requests
High level of effort involved in checking requests
No focus on value-adding activities
Buyers see themselves as "fire extinguishers" and not as procurement specialists
Time wasters for recurring processes
Buyers get lost in daily business
About the product

We relieve the workload of both buyer and employees

askLio automatically converts procurement requests into orders - without the procurement department having to take action. In the case of high-value procurement requests, artificial intelligence supports buyers in the decision-making process with the help of an AI Co-Pilot. The AI imitates the operational work required for internal procurement processes and acts like a team member for strategic tasks.
A new kind of Guided Buying with generative AI
The virtual purchasing assistant answers questions to the purchasing department and reduces free-text requests by directing requestors to the right procurement channel.
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No more hassle with Free text requests
Qualified free text enquiries for services, for example, are automated by carrying out compliance checks, assigning product groups & optionally obtaining & comparing offers from the AI - without the purchasing department having to become active.
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We empower buyers with a generative AI as a team member
askLio supports value-adding activities by analysing offers, contracts and procurement markets. Every buyer is assigned an AI Co-Pilot to support them in the decision-making process.
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What our customers say
"askLio überzeugt als echte KI-Lösung, die vom ersten Tag an Mehrwert liefert und sich deutlich von anderen Trends abhebt."
Nils Honerla
Geschäftsführer Burda Procurement GmbH
"Seit der Einführung der automatisierten Vorprüfung von Anforderungen durch askLio benötige ich nur noch 50% der Zeit zur Prüfung und Bearbeitung"
kürzere Bearbeitungszeit
Sibina Rangelova
strategischer einkauf
"Mit askLio wird der Globale Indirekte Einkauf bei dormakaba effizienter gestaltet, indem es die Zusammenarbeit mit den Stakeholdern für beide Seiten verbessert. Unter Anderem klärt Anforderungen, vergleicht Geschäftsbedingungen und identifiziert Lieferanten. Das spart Zeit und Ressourcen, und wir können unsere Beschaffungsprozesse optimal gestalten."
Nina Bomberg
Sourcing Director
"Mit askLio schaffen wir es wiederkehrende und arbeitsintensive Aufgaben zu automatisieren! Besonders wiederkehrende, einfache Prozesse können zum Zeitfresser werden. Hier hilft uns askLio extrem diese Vorgänge zu optimieren und zu  automatisieren."
Ludwig Hager
Head of Center of Excellence Prozesse, Standards & Systeme
"askLio gibt unserer Einkaufssoftware die notwendige Intelligenz, um Bedarfsträger an die Hand zu nehmen und sie so entweder zu verhandelten Konditionen zu leiten oder ihre Freitextbedarfe automatisch in Bestellungen umzuwandeln.
Lasse Fehl
Director Global Procurement and Services
"Für uns hat asklio Chancen eröffnet, die wir so gar nicht für möglich gehalten hätten. Wir lernen jeden Tag wie wir mit aslio unseren Einkauf mit allen Bestellungen und Prozessen effizienter machen können."
Jens Schaeffeler
Director Procurement swmh
"askLio impresses as a genuine AI solution that delivers added value from day one and clearly stands out from other trends."
kürzere Bearbeitungszeit
Nils Honerla
Managing Director Burda Procurement GmbH
"Since the introduction of askLio's automated pre-check of requirements, I only need 50% of the time to check and process them"
Shorter processing time
Sibina Rangelova
strategic procurement
"askLio makes Global Indirect Purchasing at dormakaba more efficient by improving collaboration with stakeholders for both sides. Among other things, it clarifies requirements, compares terms and conditions and identifies suppliers. This saves time and resources, and we can optimise our procurement processes."
kürzere Bearbeitungszeit
Nina Bomberg
Sourcing Director
With askLio, we manage to automate recurring and labour-intensive tasks! Recurring, simple processes in particular can become time-consuming. This is where askLio helps us to optimise and automate these processes."
kürzere Bearbeitungszeit
Ludwig Hager
Head of the Competence Centre Processes, Standards & Systems
"askLio gives our procurement software the intelligence it needs to take users by the hand and either guide them to negotiated conditions or automatically convert their free text requirements into orders."
kürzere Bearbeitungszeit
Lasse Fehl
Director Global Procurement and Services
"askLio has opened up opportunities for us that we would never have imagined possible. We learn every day how we can use askLio to make our procurement and all our procurement orders and processes more efficient."
kürzere Bearbeitungszeit
Jens Schaeffeler
Director Procurement swmh
How it works

Artificial intelligence as Plug & Play for your systems

Directly integrated into your p2P / ERP system
Keep your procurement system as your central entry gate. askLio is seamlessly integrated into your system.
Directly integrated into Microsoft Teams
We integrate seamlessly into your catalogue system, ERP and use Microsoft Teams as a central point of contact for the procurement assistant.
Onboarded in less than 2 weeks
Data quality... no longer a problem. We have developed AI algorithms that enrich your data.
Takes 2 days
Onboarding... a one-day project. Send us your data unstructured - our AI does the rest. Imagine you are training a new procurement employee.
Takes 10 days
IT resources...
...we don't need one. We only need an SSO connection. Your IT will thank us.
Takes 2 days
Enterprise Grade Security

That's why enterprises
trust askLio

At askLio, our mission is to simplify the procurement process for your organisation, and that starts with ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

Hosted in Europe: All data is hosted on servers in Europe.

Microsoft Azure Europe is used as a hosting provider and LLM/KI provider.

DIN ISO/IEC 27001 & DIN ISO/IEC 27018 certified data centres

No customer data is used for training the LLMs.

Customer data never visible for other askLio customers.

EU-GDPR: All essential requirements of the EU GDPR requirements are met.

In Europa gehostet: Jegliche Daten werden in Servern in Europa gehosted.

Microsoft Azure Europe wird als Hostinganbieter und LLM/KI Anbieter genutzt.

DIN ISO/IEC 27001 & DIN ISO/IEC 27018 zertifizierte Datenzentren

Keine Kundendaten werden für das Training der LLMs genutzt.

Kundendaten niemals sichtbar für andere askLio Kunden.

EU-DSGVO: Alle grundlegenden Anforderungen der EU-DSGVO Anforderunge werden erfüllt.

Certified software
We protect your data through secure processing and provide mechanisms to exercise your GDPR rights. Audited by Dataguard.
Made in Germany
We have been awarded by the German government and are based in Munich. We know your requirements because we practise them ourselves.
Official partner
Seamlessly integrated
Microsoft Azure Europe is used as the host and LLM provider. This means that your data is exactly where it is today.
ISO 27001
We are certified according to ISO 27001.  All data centres are also certified in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27018.
Our background
The entire askLio team consists of AI and procurement experts. Trained at the LMU and TU Munich. Applied at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. We learnt procurement first-hand at SAP and experienced it in companies such as Daimler, Siemens, VW and Deloitte.
Silicon Valley
We are deeply rooted in Silicon Valley and bring the latest technologies and generative AI safely to European companies. We are not alone in this, but are supported in our mission by Microsoft and, for example, the founder of Coupa themselves.
Unser Werdegang
Das gesamte Team von askLio besteht aus KI und Procurementexperten. Ausgebildet and der LMU und TU München. Angewandt beim renommierten Fraunhofer Institut. Procurement haben wir aus erster Hand bei SAP gelernt und in Konzernen wie Daimler, Siemens, VW und Deloitte.
Silicon Valley
Wir sind tief verwurzelt mit dem Silicon Valley und bringen die neusten Technologien und Generative KI sicher in europäische Konzerne. Wir sind hierbei nicht alleine sondern werden bei unserer Mission unterstützt von Microsoft und z.B. den Gründern von Coupa höchstpersönlich.
Noah Eisner
askLio is harnessing new technologies to tackle real problems in procurement. It's one of the best applications of generative AI in procurement that will deliver tangible business value.
March, 2024
We have been awarded the prize for the most innovative procurement start-up in Germany. This is not only recognised by our customers - but also by the Federal Ministry.
September, 2023
Shape the future of procurement with us. Let AI handle your daily business and only take care of strategic subjects - supported by your personal AI assistant.
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2,274 procurement experts have spoken to us

Any questions?

Procurement and AI can seem intransparent. Here you will find transparent answers.
How time-consuming is the IT process?

The implementation of askLio does not require any IT resources. We are ISO27001 and GDPR certified with regard to IT security screening. In addition, we are an official Microsoft Partner and also fully rely on Microsoft structures (SSO and Cloud in Azure).

Do I need good data quality for the AI assistant?

No. The special ability of generative AI is its ability to work with unstructured, i.e. not previously machine-readable data. In other words, emails, PDFs, contracts, etc. Our AI algorithms automatically submit your data.

Do you automate operational procurement or are you more strategic oriented?

Our technology frees up the procurement department so that it can focus on value-adding activities. We have developed a special AI copilot for strategic tasks, which provides support in analysing offers, contracts and procurement markets, for example.

"Thanks to akslio, we have not only automated operational activities, but have also been able to utilise and deploy AI for a large number of strategic projects within procurement." - Sibina Rangelova, Strategic Purchaser SWMH.

Procurement involves sensitive data. How are you organised in terms of data protection?

We are based in Munich, as well as ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant audited by Dataguard. We host all our services on GDPR compliant servers in the EU. For example, the GPT-4 model we use is hosted by Microsoft Azure in Europe, and Microsoft ensures that a) the data is handled in accordance with GDPR and b) OpenAI has no access to the data.

Am I introducing another tool with askLio and have to reorganise our processes?

askLio acts like an intelligence layer on top of your existing system. The AI adapts to your individual processes. You can continue working as usual. In addition, we are seamlessly integrated into P2P systems such as Coupa, ERP systems such as SAP or Microsoft Teams.

How do you ensure that the AI makes the right decisions?

We use RAG to provide relevant data and have mechanisms to prevent hallucinations. We use standard LLM models and combine them with our intelligent algorithms and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) before the software is applied to enterprise data.

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